Voice Media Group News

Voice Media Group announces the launch of Voice Local Network, a local sales network that provides quality web sites with high-cpm, geotargeted ads from local restaurants, bars and clubs, retail and services.


•   You have a web site with a rabid following, quality content, and similar demographic.

•   You might have a national sales deal, but no local boots on the street.

•   You have ads that do not match the quality of your content.


•   Voice Local Network has 14-20 local sales people in each of our 14 major U.S. Markets (along with our national sales force, Voice Media Group).

•   Voice Local Network has over 12,000 merchant relationships.

•   Voice Local Network can Geo-target your inventory, so relevant local ads appear next to your quality content.


Interested? Contact Scott Tobias at (303) 296-7744 or email Scott.Tobias@VillageVoiceMedia.com